Investments Solutions for Yacht Crew Around the World


For many a key attraction of a career in the yachting industry is the opportunity to accumulate significant savings. This can make the difference between fulfilling life goals or not. Whether your goal is a house purchase, starting your own business or buying your dream car. Whatever your aspiration it makes sense to make sure your savings are being managed wisely. 

You can invest your income through a number of financial platforms into a range of investment strategies and financial instruments, all of which meet the requirements of the offshore and international lifestyle of superyacht crew.

At a time of low interest rates and damaging inflation, it is important to consider alternatives to cash savings. We offer professional and specialised investment management to support you during and after your yachting career.

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Regular savings

Starting a just $250 USD per month with a term length from three to ten years, ability to purse the monthly investment at any time, add one off payments into the plan at any time, this has the most flexibility to assist you in making the very best returns for your future.

Lump sum investments

Single investment starting at $25,000 USD, this is a truly flexible investment platform, tailored to fit your needs now and for the future to come.  We also offer four special classes of investments.

We created these groups based on the feedback from clients currently working on superyachts around the globe. We asked them what they wanted to invest in, then we went out in search of the very best investment opportunities to meet their wishes.

These one-off investment opportunities mean you can invest in what you find exciting.


Typical Investment strategies

  • Investment group one: Eco and Green investments 

  • Investment group two: Tech and Blockchain/Crypto investments

  • Investment group three: Money Managers and Financial investments
  • Investment group four: Tailored to you own investment goals
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Strategies & platforms for senior yacht crew


Investment strategies is how your money is put to work, and there are plenty options to consider. They come in a whole range of risk profiles (anything from cautious to high), and you can invest in just about anything. It is our job the match the best strategy with your financial goals and aspirations.


Investment platforms typically provide the regulatory infrastructure needed for you to invest. They are maintained by reputable independent third party institutions which we have terms of business with. Many people already use transactional financial vehicle every day ie. like bank accounts and/or others similar instruments like WISE, REVOLUT just as an example.  It is simply a vehicle these companies provides so you can receive, send and have access to your funds and investments.

Similarly, an investment platform allows you to direct your money into investments and have control over what is happening.

Our Role:

Many of our global clientele are at the top of their professions, and they expect nothing less from their financial advisors.

Independence: We are not connected or tied to any one institution, investment house, fund provider or bank only. We have terms of business with a good variety of reputable offshore Life Companies, Offshore Banks and investment houses. No two clients are alike and so our solutions are tailor made to suit your needs.


Confidentiality: Each and every clients information is treated with the strictest of confidence. The financial structures that we recommend are carefully chosen to make sure that your particulars are not available to anyone other than yourself

Ongoing Service:
Our service is what sets us apart from many in the industry. Our advisors are experienced and we treat our clients the same way we would’ve liked to be treated.

No client money is ever handled by our advisors OR the company. Your investment and accounts is directly with the institutions that we introduce you to. There is therefore no chance of any fraudulent transactions. All accounts is always in your personal names. We will advise on the most secure ways to remit funds to your investment accounts.

Investment Choice: 
ALL of our investment houses offer security, flexibility, fair charges, and a track record of good standing. We will only recommend funds and financial instruments to you based on your risk profile and we will review this with you on an ongoing basis.