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Aidan is a hard working individual, who pays close attention to details. His work ethic is to work for his clients and therefor recommend what is best for them! 

I highly recommend him and it was a real pleasure working with him. We remain the best of friends.

Over the years I had built up a degree of caution and anxiety when it came to navigating through the great range of financial opportunities ‘out there’ - I was for some time wary of advisers and agents. Then, along came Aidan, of whom I am very thankful to have met. Aidan’s honesty, transparency, commitment and work ethic have allowed me to establish much peace and trust with respect to investing. He is very knowledgeable, has my best interest in mind, and his warm, personable and approachable nature have made investing an enjoyable process

Aidan I found to have an in depth knowledge of all aspects relative to the financial requirements of clients and displayed a meticulous attention to detail when endeavouring to ensure optimum benefit gained by any given client.

Aidan's willingness to use the benefit of his experience in the financial arena by continually passing on invaluable "little gems" of information which I in turn have been able to incorporate/go on to utilise on occasion have been invaluable to me.

It was a genuine pleasure to have worked with Aidan for the period I did, I know Aidan to be an individual who has a competent grasp of every facet of his field and this coupled with his being a fundamentally likeable gentleman ensures that he is a guaranteed asset to any business or client fortunate enough to work with him