1: What are the account minimums?

$500 a month for monthly investments and $35,000 for lump sums.

2: What kind of fund houses can I invest in?

Institutions like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Black Rock, iShares, HSBC and countless others.

3: Investing for American expats - what are the options?

You can either put the policy in your wife or husband's name (if they are non-American) or go with a company that helps you file American taxes on investments. Our consultants will explain these options in detail to you. See our page on US exposed persons in the navigation menu.

4: What are the fees?

We charge 1% on most portfolios but 0.5% on accounts above $500,000. We have access to funds charging as little as 0.03% per year.

5: How do clients login to their portfolios?

There is 24/7 secure online access via dedicated provider portals.

6: How long should I invest for?

It is up to you; however, markets and investments can go up or down. So being invested for 10+ years makes more sense.

7: Where are most of your clients based?

We have clients from different nationalities all around the world, in over 100 countries.

8: What makes your firm stand out?

A combination of the personal touch and investing in technology. We can offer clients more cost-effective options due to our structure, but you will still be assigned an advisor who will respond to your emails or WhatsApp messages without hours.

9: How can I add or withdraw money from my account?

Just like everything else we do, it can all be done online. and instructions are submitted securely.

10: Which currencies can the accounts be denominated in?

Usually US Dollars(USD), Euros(EUR), British Pounds(GBP), Australian Dollars(AUD), Norwegian Krones(NOK), Swiss francs(CHF).

11: What are the average annual returns?

We've managed a fairly consistent average of 8% per annum up to now.

12: What documents are needed to set up an account?

① An online application form. ② We also need proof of identity such as ID card and passport. ③ Proof of address dated in the last three months. Utility bills and bank statements are accepted.

13: How can I pay for my investment plan?

Credit or debit cards are accepted, alongside bank transfer. WeChat is not accepted. TransferWise is accepted for monthly investments.

Any other questions you may have, or for a free no-obligation consultation, please feel free to contact us via the contact page..